Ayah Bdeir explains why 8 is a critical age for girls

By Adam Skobodzinski

We have an exciting video for you today, Bitsters! She-Suite, an online webisode series that focuses on women leadership and empowerment, just featured littleBits Founder Ayah Bdeir in the third episode. The hot topic of discussion was 8-year-old girls and achievement in STEM.

Ayah spoke with She-Suite to discuss why age 8 is a major point for many young girls: “By the age of 8, about 50 percent of girls lose interest in STEM. And they are interested before that…It’s a combination of social pressures and stereotypes that girls have to prioritize being beautiful or being outgoing, or being sociable.”

At littleBits, we aim to empower both girls and boys through a gender-neutral product, because inventing isn’t limited to one gender. Boys and girls alike can explore, design, and create. We want to close the achievement and interest gaps between girls and boys in STEM by fostering development and engagement in young girls.

Watch the full interview with Ayah below:

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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