Ayah Bdeir Receives Eyebeam Award for Creativity and Courage in Art & Technology

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Eyebeam, a New York-based not-for-profit art and technology center, has announced that Ayah Bdeir will receive its 2015 award for Creativity and Courage in Art & Technology.


“Ayah Bdeir is being honored for enabling current and future generations to easily explore technology’s creative potential… [her] creative and provocative work demystifies public understanding of technology. “

Ayah Bdeir Awarded 2015 Eyebeam Award Celebrating Creativity and Courage in Art & Technology


Ayah Bdeir will be honored at an Eyebeam award benefit along with Citizenfour cinematographer Trevor Paglen, on April 21st at Sony’s Wonder Technology Lab. Tickets are available here.


Read more about the Eyebeam award on their website.


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