In preparation for our trip to Maker Faire Bay Area on May 18th-19th, we created four San Francisco themed projects inspired by the vibrant sprit of the city. To help you re-create these pieces, we have gathered our brightest and flashiest Bits and put them in a web-only bundle at a discounted price. The bundle will be available for purchase soon.

To view our Bay Area adventure chronicles, visit our San Francisco page!

Bay Bridge Lights

This electroluminescent diorama was created to pay tribute to Leo Villareal’s Bay Lights sculpture, one of our favorite installations.


Unihorn Bike Helmet

The Unihorn’s helmet and light wire make it a very fashionable and safe accessory. We recommend making one of your own for Bay to Breakers!


Drum and Bass Bling

This DIY statement piece will make you the center of attention. All that’s needed to create this glowing necklace is cardboard, duct tape and Bits!


Analog GIF Box

We made stencils of some of our favorite San Francisco icons using an x-acto knife. Then, we brought these images to life using a light box powered by a bright LED, pulse and inverter Bit. What stencil would you make?



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