Be the Host with the [interactive] Most

By Emily Tuteur

Make it a Holi-DIY to Remember (Part 3)!

Planning your outfit for an upcoming holiday party? Bling out and brighten up your threads with these festive electronically-charged wearables.

1. Hack your old sweater


Got an ugly sweater just waiting to be hacked? We do! Weave a littleBits lightwire through the knit of the sweater to outline a winter scene, in our case, a Christmas tree. Add a pulse and some long LEDs to really get the party started. Learn more about incorporating lightwire into clothing by checking out this project.

2. Reindeer Antlers


Inspired by Brit + Co’s lightwire headbands, we decided to make our own version with antlers! Add armature wire to make a sturdy support for the horn structure.

3. Pressure Sensor Animated Top Hat


Time to get fancy! This animated hat will surely impress your guests. Bright LEDs project a spinning image of Santa and his reindeer flying through the night on the wall of the hat. Just touch the pressure sensor at the top of the hat to activate the dc motor.

4. Sound Triggered Bow Tie


Add some fun to your ensemble and surprise your guests with this quirky, sound-reactive bow tie. It moves on a servo and is activated by the sound of your voice! Control how it moves with a pulse and a dimmer.

5. Glowing Kicks

Going to a dance party? Dance the night away with these glowing, sound-activated kicks. Line and lace your sneakers with the littleBits lightwire, add a sound trigger, and start dancing. The shoes will follow suit.

6. Drum + Bass Bling


Have yourself a merry little dance party! Light up the night while you wait for Rudolf with this Drum and Bass Bling necklace. We’re positive this will be the glowing hit of your next dance party.

7. Sound Activated Light Up Jacket


Be the life of the party with this flashy light-up jacket! Lightwires, bright LEDs, long LEDS, and RGD LEDs pulse to the song on your mp3 player through the microphone module.


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