Becky Stern joins the November littleBits Community Call

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From Make Magazine to Adafruit to Instructables, Becky Stern’s work combining electronics, textile crafts, and fashion through physical computing technologies like Arduino and 3D printing is a cornerstone of the Maker Movement. She is a prolific inventor, tackling everything from wearable technology to knitting to motorcycle maintenance to costumes, and an avid contributor to the Maker community. We love Becky not only for what she makes, but also how she shares. Through her tutorials, thousands of people have learned how to work with new and old technologies and techniques.

Join us to hear Becky talk about her adventures in making, her new Instructables online classes, her tips for documenting projects, and more!

WHEN: Wednesday, November 30 from 4-5 pm EST
WHERE: Facebook Live or our Unhangout Platform*

*If you’re joining us through Unhangouts, please use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. Please use this link to join:

More about Becky:
Becky Stern has authored hundreds of tutorials about everything from wearable electronics to knitting. Before joining the Instructables Design Studio as a content creator, Becky worked at MAKE Magazine and Adafruit Industries. She lives in New York City and enjoys riding her motorcycle, making YouTube videos, and collecting new hobbies to share. Her work has been featured by VICE, the BBC, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Engadget, CNN, Business Insider, Forbes, and Science Friday.

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