Best Birthday Surprise Ever

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You reinvented the birthday cake. You pranked us with confetti bombs and cakes in the face. You even threw us parades. And we loved every moment and new memory you made.


Thank you so very much to everyone who participated in this challenge. It was especially close to all our hearts.

With over 95 birthday inventions submitted, our amazing community judges had one tough decision to make. A big birthday thank you to Colleen Graves, Vedant Desai, and Jay Silver for lending their expertise.

The following winners stood out for their creative use of Bits, documentation of their invention, and inventive approach to a birthday celebration.


littleBits 5th Birthday “Party Train” by District 75 STEM Department School Chapter

This party train is the embodiment of a team effort. Educators from NYC DOE District 75, a school district for students with moderate to severe disabilities, social and emotional issues, autism, intellectual disabilities and multiple handicapping conditions, created the train as part of their STEM professional development training.
The teachers were told about the littleBits Birthday Party theme beforehand and had time to design a train car. On the day of the celebration, each team tested, refined, and completed their train car. One of our colleagues printed wheels on our 3D printer. We put the train together and “PARTIED!” HAPPY BIRTHDAY littleBits.


Confetti go BOOM!! by KidGamer101

KidGamer101 loves pranks. So we weren’t surprised at all to see him invent this balloon confetti contraption.


CAKE IN THE FACE – #HappyBirthdaylittleBits by KidsInventors

Our Lima, Peru Global Chapter got their hands – and faces – especially messy for this challenge. And we LOVE it!

Liza Stark
Community & Content Lead


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