Big news: The littleBits Education Code Kit is shipping NOW!

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Today is the day, Bitsters! The littleBits Code Kit is now shipping. This. Is. A. Game-changer.

At littleBits, we think the secret to learning anything, including the art of coding, is to make it fun. The new littleBits Code Kit combines powerful learning with something all kids love – building and playing games! Hot Potato, anyone? Plus, kids learn to embrace failure and gain creative skills by setting their own rules for gameplay, working collaboratively in groups, and thinking critically when it comes to improving their inventions. This isn’t chocolate covered broccoli – it’s a whole lot of skill-building and fun in one box.

So, who is this kit for? Inventors big and small – it’s friendly for grades 3-8, and no background in coding is required for students OR teachers! Each kit supports 1-3 students and features some new Bits and accessories including the codeBit (the new brains of the operation!), an LED matrix Bit, and a rechargeable battery, just to name a few. We’ve also developed a free computer-based Code Kit app that’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

To help design a kit with educators in mind, we worked with an educator advisory council who helped us develop the kit and lesson plans. From there, we partnered with 17 educators from around the country to test the Code Kit in their classrooms and makerspaces. They provided invaluable feedback on the classroom experience with the kit, and their students validated just how rewarding it is to make inventions you can also code. We received so much incredible feedback and loads of endorsements from excited students. Take a peek at some of the magical learning experiences students took part in below:

Mary Had a Little Lamb @littlebits Code Kit

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Interested in purchasing littleBits Code Kits for your classroom, makerspace, or home? Speak with an education specialist today to discuss how the Code Kit can fit into your place of learning. The littleBits Code Kit is shipping now.

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