BIT by a Shark Game!

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Meet Bitsy the Shark, a life-sized, interactive Shark that craves your attention… and fish.

“Bit By A Shark” Game from littleBits on Vimeo.

Bitsy was born from cardboard, tape, paint and Bit Modules from the Extended Kit. It did not take long for Bitsy to come alive and escape captivity in the littleBits HQ.

Bitsy swam into the wild streets of NYC.  This kindhearted shark chased pigeons, went to Union Square Park, shopped at the farmer’s market and hung out with the locals. When patrons of the park tossed fish into Bitsy’s mouth, she made happy noises (sharks make sounds!), lit up one eye, and spun her other eye (as sharks do when they attack).

Do you love sharks as much as we do? Make one of your own! Upload your shark creation to our project page and share it with us by tweeting @littleBits #SharkWeek. Everyone who uploads a project over the next week will receive 10% off their next littleBits purchase.

Need more inspiration? Check out the Swimming Shark project we made for the MoMA Design Store.Swimming Shark from littleBits on Vimeo.


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