Bit Or Treat? #HappyHalloween

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halloween at office

At littleBits, we celebrate Halloween like it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve and your best friend’s wedding all in one. Makers gotta make and each year, we leap at the opportunity to get crafty, spooky, and have some fun.

Box of Whine, 404 Pages, and The Cloud

As ‘Werewolf Bar Mitzvah’ blasted through our speakers and our friendly neighborhood Spiderman high-fived Wonder Woman, the littleBits office was in full Halloween mode.


Logan, our full-stack engineer and mixologist lead, brewed homemade cider and applejack brandy, served in faux-blood splattered cups.

Adriana, our head of culture, served snacktastic goodies, putting us all in a deliciously cozy Skittles-induced food coma.

And then there was the costume contest.


The grand prize? Tickets to see the most-awaited film of the season, Star Wars: The Force Awakens in IMAX 3D. Boom.


Our PR and Assets Manager, Casey Koppelson, won the award for Best Costume! After four nights of paper machéing, strategic planning, and re-watching Finding Nemo for inspiration, Casey transformed into the majestic Angler Fish.


“I was inspired by the beautiful long LED Bit,” Casey said.

And so too were we.


Krystal Persaud, our Director of Product Design, locked in the prize for the “Bitsiest Costume”

Krystal remixed her Darth Vader costume with new Bits and spooky surprises.

This year, she crafted a glove that activated sounds on a control panel by clenching her fist (pressure sensor + wireless transmitter), and another control panel with an MP3 player loaded with famous Darth sounds + blinking LEDS.


The lynchpin of Darth V2 was a blinking severed arm. “It was supposed to be like the scene in the movie where Luke chops Darth’s arm off revealing his robotic innards. To do this, I chopped up some BIC pens (for the hollow tubs) and put some blinking LEDs underneath it.” (Bitsters are still reporting nightmares from these gruesome circuits!)

May The Bits Be With You 

And speaking of our favorite mischievous Sith Lord, we hosted a Star Wars-themed design challenge in-house. Team-members used the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit to Bitify Storm Trooper masks, lightsabers, and more.

How do we top that? With our all-female Star Wars crew, dressing up as their fave iconic characters. Talk about some #GirlPower.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.25.30 PM

Pumpkins, Costumes, & Face-Painting, Oh My!

Our littleBits Retail Store, a lab for creating inventions large and small, morphed into an itsy Bitsy Halloweentown of its own. Here, families hacked their costumes, carved some pumpkins, and celebrated this ghostly holiday in style.

Missed us this fall season? Never fear — we’ll be back and jolly as every for the winter holidays.

Until then, stay spooky, Bitsters!


Halloween Store Event 2015



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