bitLab Graduates Class of December 2014!

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Three months ago to the day we launched the bitLab — an exciting ambitious project to help the community grow our ever-increasing littleBits library.  By allowing members to submit their own bits module ideas, we can be sure we’re capturing every single amazing idea and application by bringing them to life.

Today we’re THRILLED to announce the latest and greatest bitLab graduates.  All three of the following modules have successfully made it through the review phase and will be moving into production!  We’ll be refining the production process over the coming weeks and will be announcing more information next year as we get closer to their individual launch dates.

You’ll soon be able to create rockin’ beats with the Bleep Drum, view everything going on in the system through Gabotronic’s Oscilloscope, all while controlling the entire thing using your muscles and the Backyard Brains Muscle Spiker!  We can’t wait to see what you build.

This is just the beginning. There are more modules coming into the bitLab every week that will make littleBits even more awesome. Here’s to an amazing 2015 and congratulations to our developers!

-Andrew Avrin, bitLab Product Manager and Paul Rothman, Director of R&D

Dr. Bleep’s Bleep Drum (@bleeplabs)

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.32.57 PM


Backyard Brain’s Muscle Spiker (@backyardbrains)


Gabotronic’s Oscilloscope (@ganzziani)

oscilloscope shot



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