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Teacher Kathryn Ross, from the Canadian International School in Tokyo, Japan, recently used littleBits to help teach electricity concepts to her ninth grade science class. The class posted several projects to our community page, and we were even able to catch up with Ms. Ross to find out more about her experience using littleBits in the classroom.

How did you first decide to bring littleBits into the classroom? 

I saw the littleBits TED talk last year and thought they seemed really cool. I decided they would be great to use with my students in science class.

How did you go about presenting littleBits to the students? 

I showed the following videos to the students to get them excited about using littleBits.

littleBits Intro

LEGO and littleBits together

Football example

Piggy Bank example


How did using littleBits help facilitate the learning process? 

We used the littleBits projects as our summative assessment for our unit on electricity. The students worked in groups, which also helped us meet many important collaboration outcomes.


How did the students find inspiration to choose their projects? 

The students used the littleBits community projects to gain inspiration.


What did the students learn using the Bits? 

The students had previously learned about circuits. Their learning was reinforced by using the littleBits. They also applied real life skills such as meeting deadlines, managing time, assuming responsibility for their share of the work to be done, and working collaboratively with others.


What was the most fun part about using littleBits in the classroom?

The best part about using littleBits was seeing them get excited about science! littleBits help bring out the geek in all of us!



Valentine's Day Box

Mini Basketball Game

Christmas Tree

Mickey and Pluto Alarm


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