Bits of Wisdom with Dr. Amon Millner

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Amon Millner at littleBits


“Bits of Wisdom” is an ongoing series in which we invite people we admire to give informal talks at littleBits. This month we were lucky to have Dr. Amon Millner, Scratch co-creator and Lifelong Kindergarten Group alumnus, who spoke to us about his career developing innovative learning environments and tools.


A huge inspiration for littleBits, Amon’s work focuses on user interface design and interaction design, particularly for children and teenagers. He has developed multiple hands-on interactive systems for making and learning, such as the PicoBoard, a sensor board for Scratch, and Modkit, a graphical programming interface to the VexIQ robotics system.






Amon also spoke about his work with Fab Labs and Computer Clubhouses to develop accessible hubs for learning computer science and electronics design. His goal is to create opportunities for those living in less-resourced areas to become empowered innovators, capable of applying computing concepts to problem-solving and project-making.


It was an inspiring reminder to everyone at littleBits that we can empower and instill confidence in kids through Making. Thank you, Amon, for sharing your work and vision with us!


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