Black Girls Code with littleBits on Good Morning America!

By Alex Briñas

littleBits was so excited to be featured as the STEAM learning tool for the organization Black Girls Code on Good Morning America! In celebration of Black History Month, GMA featured Black Girls Code, an organization empowering young African-American girls to get involved in STEM programs and find jobs in the tech world. littleBits was thrilled to see Black Girls Code feature our Code Kits and Steam Student Sets to show off their tech skills.

We rocked GMA with our Rockstar Guitar which the girls coded to play “Joy to the World” and light up with a special message for GMA! They also used the Steam Student set to create a Bitbot with the Bluetooth Bit to drive it from their smartphones using the littleBits Invent app.



Check it out:

littleBits Code Kit

littleBits Steam Student Set


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