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Here at littleBits, we are always thrilled to see inventors out in the real world creating. It gives us an extra-special feeling to watch kids’ eyes light up when they realize that they have the power to make, create, and reinvent the world around them. It’s what all of us strive for.

That’s why we were so disappointed to hear about the story of Ahmed Mohamed last month. Here was a young man who had invented a digital clock and brought it to school only to be arrested in front of his classmates for creating a “hoax bomb.”

littleBits Founder and CEO Ayah Bdeir wrote a letter to Ahmed and encouraged him to keep on inventing. You can read that letter here.

Ahmed’s story has inspired lots of young tinkerers around the country. Just a few days ago, children built clocks to honor Ahmed at a public library in Cambridge, MA.

From the Boston Globe:

During the sessions, children wore safety goggles and took apart different electronic equipment, including a VCR and a guitar pedal. Then they were given a cup full of “littleBits” pieces that, when assembled, create an electronic timer. What they didn’t get were any instructions.

Twelve-year-old boys Isaiah Josephs, of Mattapan, and Wayne Whyles, of Dorchester, hunched over the “littleBits” and tried to figure out how to synch the different circuits so they would accurately count seconds and minutes.


You can read the full article here.

We’re proud to help inventors all over the world, and we stand with them. Keep on inventing!



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