Bring on the Joy — Teacher Appreciation Day

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Hi there,

Every day, I get to see teachers come up with the most amazing experiences for their students. These teachers are encouraging their students to think about the world differently, to invent, and to innovate — all while tapping into a fundamental joy.

At the end of the day, that’s what this is all about. Bringing on the joy. The joy of teaching. The joy of inventing. The joy of learning.

We have so many amazing STEAM teachers in this network who are bringing joy to their students. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day than to highlight some of our favorite stories from teachers.

  • Dan Ryder brought design-thinking to his AP Literature class this year. He even used littleBits to give students a chance to dive deeper into the words of Shelley and Wordsworth — coming away with a more profound understanding. Read more about it here.



  • One of the most innovative uses of littleBits I’ve seen: Michael Wilkinson used littleBits to create a DIY lab apparatus in science classes at the Fieldston Lower School in the Bronx. In this lesson, his students built a seed spinner to simulate microgravity, measuring how a seedling’s root growth is affected by gravity (or lack of!)

  • And we have to include a shout out to the tireless librarians who are bringing on the joy in a big way. We have this video from McKassick Middle School Library playing on repeat in our office. If that’s not joyful, I don’t know what is!


Now it’s your turn! Share your joyful teaching moment with us! Tag #ThankATeacher @littleBits on Twitter and we’ll spread the love.

Thank you so much for being part of our epic educator community. You’re the one making STEAM a reality, and we can’t thank you enough!


Erin Mulcahy
Product Strategy Lead, littleBits Education



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