Bring the Beach Home with You This Summer

By allison vannest

It’s finally summer! It’s the best season to sip cold lemonade, sunbathe, and swim to your heart’s content.
But what if you’re stuck inside the office all day? Have no fear; technology can help to bring the sounds and sights of the beach to you — no matter where you are. Here are two clever inventions from our community that will transport you.
Capture the sights of the beach
Kristin invented a beach teleportation device one snowy winter while she was “trapped” in her house for a week by a storm. We especially love the props and the festive music in the background.

Capture the sounds of the beach
Our friend Cullen turned up the noise. He created an invention using our the littleBits Synth Kit that brings sounds of the wind and waves to wherever you are. Using only six Bits, it sounds like you’re close enough to the water to put your toes in!

Don’t spend too much time in the office this summer — get to the beach and get inventing!
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