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Harry Potter Magic Diary by JackANDJude


Grab your wand and prepare the Great Hall!

The most magical Global Invent-a-thon we’ve ever thrown is coming this week from December 9 – 11 – and your class is invited! We have a ton of spellbinding resources created just for educators so you can bring this challenge into your classroom.

Workshop Guide
This littleBits Workshop Guide has a minute-by-minute breakdown, a list of resources and materials, extensions, and tips to adapt it to your learning space.

Teaching Harry Potter with the New York Times
An extensive collection of lessons and resources to transform you into the Hogwarts professor you’ve always wanted to be.

Hour of Code with littleBits
We’ve curated a collection of learning activities so you can participate in Hour of Code and the Global Invent-a-thon all in one! These beginner inventions guide you through each step and you can easily adapt them for your learning space. Save the screen time for later – working with physical objects to learn abstract principles is the key to addressing all the learning styles in your classroom!

Harry Potter Alliance
Looking to add a layer of civic engagement and social justice to your lesson? Check out the Harry Potter Alliance, a non-profit organization run by Harry Potter fans to make activism around equality, human rights, and literacy accessible through the power of story.

Take the #littleBitsLesson Challenge
Have you already made your own lesson? Share it! Take the #littleBitsLesson Challenge:
Create a Harry Potter-inspired lesson based on the Magic of Invention Challenge and upload it to the site for a chance to win prizes! It can be for any subject area or grade level or lesson plan format, but it must use littleBits.

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