Celebrate Hanukkah with littleBits

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Hanukkah begins on Tuesday, Dec 16. The Jewish Festival of Lights is a time to join with family and celebrate the miracle of the Maccabees and menorah that lasted for eight nights & days on only one day’s worth of oil. This year, bring the whole family together and create these Hanukkah inspired projects!

Hanukkah Menorah

A couple of years ago we shared this LED Menorah project to add some DIY-ness to your Hanukkah celebration! This project is easy to build and a perfect activity for beginners.

Networked Dreidel

This year, littleBits community superstar Jenny LC created this 21st Century Dreidel that knows to spin at sundown! The dreidel uses IFTTT’s weather channel and the cloudBit to determine when the sun has set. This project is great for teaching beginners about the Internet of Things and how you can use the cloud to create smart objects.

Here’s to a warm, family-filled eight nights & days. Happy Hanukkah!






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