Celebrating MLK Jr Day with littleBits!

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This Martin Luther King Jr Day, littleBits, Microsoft, and theli.st joined forces to invent for impact. Inspired by Dr. King’s focus on service, community, and social change, we challenged participating families to design an object that helps someone else or brings people together.

Here’s what a few of them came up with:


This mother-daughter duo blew us away with their resourcefulness and determination. They invented an umbrella for under-resourced areas in the desert. This umbrella is equipped with a fan to keep you cool and runs off of solar energy.


Margo invented a recon bot to warn people of dangerous situations ahead. It acts as a beacon for groups to follow using light, sound, and a warning flag.


Here’s another group in action during the feedback session. Olivia and Ray (left) are explain their project to other group: it is a headlamp designed for people who don’t have full range of motion or control of their arms and/or hands. A bend sensor is attached to the headband so all you have to do is move your head to one side to turn it on. Brilliant!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined. We had so. MUCH. FUN! Hope to see you next time 🙂


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