Chapter Spotlight: La Tata Robotica, with Enrica Amplo

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La Tata Robotica

Enrica Amplo




I am based in…

I am based in Carpi (Modena), a city in the center of one of the most important automation, robotic, biomedical and automotive areas of Italy and even the world.

Tell us more about your organization/space.

My space is an idea for now. I organize and plan courses, laboratories and activities for kids and teachers almost anywhere, including schools, toy shops, festivals, pizzerias, libraries and so on. I have to admit it, I really like bringing technology to unexpected places.

I was inspired to start a Global Chapter because…

I believe in the power of littleBits and of educational robotics and electronics in general. Being a Chapter leader allows me to be a reference for kids and adults that want to learn how to use technology to express themselves and their creativity.

 Tell us about your most recent event.

I organized a booth and hackathon at a food festival called Butchers for Children. The event was organized by a charity of famous butchers from all over Italy. I tried to have two spaces in my stand: one as attraction and the other as a place to play and create. For the attraction piece, I used the Makey Makey module connected with real meat and flatware. If you tried to eat the meat, it would activate buzzers, LEDs and motors.

What were some of the projects that came out of your event?  

– Chef battle inspired by @tringsmu, using two servo motor robots with a cooking hats and mustaches.


– Rotating popsicles, using DC motors and cardboard.

– A meat trigger, using the Makey Makey.


– GlassBot, using a vibration motor and toothbrush.

What did you learn from hosting this event?

That approaches to learning are different for everyone. At our event, the kids were afraid of the unknown, but as soon as they understood that the bits were a powerful tool, they immediately became fascinated. They were so much more open-minded than their parents.

Who else in your community inspires you?

My friends. I am so lucky, I have a lot of friends who will never grow up. They are always searching for something new, just like kids do. They never stop finding new ways to create and imagine in their respective fields such as IT, civil engineering, graphic design, interior design, science and mechanical design. They are my muses!

What’s next for your chapter?

My Chapter is participating in the bitOlympics :D….  with an event at our local gym!

For the Chapter itself, the idea is to continue the path we’ve started and support our local community.


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