Community Hall of Fame: Caselden Studios’ Sounding Box

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Caselden Studios’ Sounding Box series is a series of instruments that allows viewers to make environment-specific music in real-time. This is an interactive sculpture that generates ambient tones in response to shadows. As viewers approach the sculpture and move to cast shadows in different places, the instrument responds by vibrating strings to make different sounds.


Caselden Studios: Sounding Box #11 from Caselden Studios on Vimeo.


The sculpture is intended to provide a creative, calming experience for participants. Viewers can improvise, producing ambient sounds for their surrounding environment.



The structure of the piece is influenced by traditional stringed instruments. It uses electromagnets to vibrate strings and produce sound. Caselden set up the Arduino bit so that every time a Light Sensor is activated, an electromagnet will start to generate a magnetic field. The sculpture is set up so each sensor will activate a different string.



For more details on how to make your own Sounding Box, visit the project page.





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