Community Hall of Fame Pick: Alarm Wristband #InventAnything

By Adam Skobodzinski

Birish03 designed his Alarm Wristband for the #InventAnything “Fashion From the Future” design challenge.  He started with a problem – food forgotten in the microwave that turns cold.  Yuk!

Watch Birish03’s awesome video to see how that need never happen again:

The project uses a handful of bits, including the timeout, pulse and RGB led.  He describes how he sewed bits directly to a 3 inch wide scrap of fabric.  Hook and Loop shoes are also a great way to attach bits to clothing.

Using the Alarm Wristband is sew easy (hee hee).

  1. Turn on the power module.
  2. Set the timeout for 5 minutes.
  3. Press the button!

When the RGB led blinks, you know it’s time to check the microwave, or meet a friend, or check your social.  <3


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