Community Hall of Fame Pick: Quiet Time Machine

By Emily Tuteur


When the quiet game isn’t working quite as you planned, this Quiet Time Machine by tombalzamo should do the trick. Tom invented a contraption that lessens the proportion of candy his kids get if they are too loud. Using a sound trigger, a number+ module, and a threshold, the contraption works on a three “strike” system. Every time his kids make a noise, the sound trigger causes the number+ module to count up. When the number+ gets to 3, it triggers the servo to open the door on a candy dispenser and drop a few treats from the kids’ section to Dad’s section.


Tom created some other fun features for this project as well. With the remote trigger and a latch, he is able to turn the game on with his remote control. He also added a an MP3 player + speaker to say “shhhhh” every time the noise level reaches over a certain volume.


Don’t miss Tom’s video explanation below!


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