Community Hall of Fame Pick: Smart Bank

By Adam Skobodzinski

Sarah, Ting, Angela and Shiny made this Internet connected Smart Bank as part of their Future Lab course at Parsons The New School for Design.  The bank uses the Arduino and cloudBit modules to remotely keep track of the total amount of money saved in the Smart Bank.  The design even includes a Number+ module to display the number of quarters deposited.



When a quarter is deposited, a flex sensor will bend, sending an input signal into the Arduino.  On the output side of the Arduino, the Number+ module instantly increments, the speaker plays a pleasant “bing – bong”, and the cloudBit is triggered.  Through an recipe (IF littleBits THEN Google Drive),  a line is added to a spreadsheet in Google Drive.  A couple formulas within the spreadsheet keep track of how many line items have been added to the spreadsheet and multiply that number by 0.25 to derive a total.


Smart Bank from Sarah Page on Vimeo.

The Smart Bank project demonstrates an iterative design process whereby they tested variations of the circuit and box before they decided to make the box themselves from corrugated cardboard.


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