Community Hall of Fame Pick: The littleAirboat

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Ben, Alex, Siri, Miles, Zachary & Simon had an assignment: spend 2 hours learning about littleBits, come up with a build idea and then create it.


They decided to create a small airboat like the ones found on swamps in the Florida everglades. To create the propellor, the team connected two fans to servo motors. They then snapped that to a remote trigger to steer the boat using a household remote control.




To create the boat itself, the team covered one side of construction paper with duct tape to prevent leaks (they suggested that you could also use tupperware). Popsicle sticks added rigidity to the body, with a crossing pattern down the sides and a bar across the back and front to keep the boat from twisting.


The fans were attached using zip-ties & tape and the circuit was carefully placed on the interior, with battery resting at the bow to balance the weight of the fans at the stern.





The team posted a very in depth set of instructions, explaining the construction process as well as steps to ensure stability. They ended with a great sentiment about moving forward with the project, encapsulating the #InventAnything ethos:

Once you have a working boat, think about what can be done next. Involving more sensors, creating a better boat, or consider incorporating some sort of programmable section. With an Arduino mounted on board you could create autonomous instructions for the boat, avoid walls, do patterns or improve the steering mechanism.

Have fun sailing the swamps, and watch out for those pesky gators!


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