Community News: A day in the life of a Hogwarts student

By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of awesome creations from inventors like you. This week’s edition features an animatronic sorting hat and other inventions Hogwarts students encounter as part of their magical studies and activities.

Community Hall of Fame

Cody Creed invented the Animatronic Functional Sorting Hat to sort students in his classsroom. His instructions: “Place the hat on the head of your students. Watch the joy (or horror) as the hat chooses a house for them.”  To make servo motors move the felt hat in time with MP3 messages, Cody built two separate circuits. One circuit plays mp3 files at the touch of a button, and the other circuit moves two servo motors in response to the microphone Bit. Let’s watch:


Magic of Invention Challenge

Break out your brooms and get ready for our most magical journey yet! This holiday season, may we present to you the Magic of Invention challenge.


We challenge you to use your inner magic to create a Harry Potter-inspired invention. You can…

  • Show us your best spell
  • Recreate your favorite scene
  • Build a magical animatronic creature
  • Forge an enchanted tool

You could win up to $200 in Bits and magical swag – there will be 8 winners total! Take the Challenge.


New & Magical Inventions

Haven’t invented anything magical yet? No worries! There’s still time to brush up on your studies, play Quidditch and prep for the Triwizard Tournament. Let’s start with Herbology, the study of magical plants.

Mandrake / Mandragora by leviencnTICTEC chapter in Mexico. A light sensor detects when you pull the Mandrake from its pot, and a loud buzzer will sound. Ear protection is advised whenever handling a screaming mandrake. “You can design your own mandrake with two paper balls, one for the head and one for the body. Hemp thread that resembles your limbs like roots and wire for branches that decorate your head.  (Use) a plastic pot where you can completely enter your mandrake, and paints and silicone to decorate.”


Quidditch Game by Alkenda and Rrezon, chapter members from Kosova. “The project presents the quidditch game from the Harry Potter movies and the books. They used servo motors and button bits to control the broomstick, and if you put the little ball in one of the three holes you win!”


Clue One: The Golden Egg by MagicRadish29. “Our golden egg is from the goblet of fire, where Harry steals the golden egg from the dragon. When opened, it emits a loud, annoying shrieking sound. We cut open a tennis ball, and threaded a wire through another hole. When you open it, the light sensor activates and triggers the buzzer. You can adjust the sensitivity to change the loudness of the buzzer.”

That’s all for today, Bitsters. Keep inventing, and I’ll meet you back here for a butterbeer.  🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager


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