Community News: Bitsters create interactive games and objects

By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of inventions by Bitsters like you.  This week’s edition features an Atari Punk Console and an interactive maze you can try.

Community Hall of Fame

Atari Punk Console Bit by Juan Hernandez.  “This is a basic module for the Synth Kit, perfect for those who are beginning to prototype their own modules (like me) using the Hardware Development Kit. The APC circuit is a very popular design. It is often built as a self contained sound device with a speaker or a line out connection, but for the purpose of integration with the Synth Kit I was looking for an easy way to add an input of some sort. I found the schematics for a mod to the circuit in the page called Atari Punk Console with CV inputs.”  Listen to how it sounds with a sequencer Bit:


Operation Maze by Daniel and Kyan.  “We built a maze using playdoh. The object of the game is to get through the maze without making anything buzz. Like the game Operation.”  Pictured below is how they set up Bits and accessories from the Rule Your Room Kit to make their game.

#littlebits holidays project. Makin a maze that buzz if you touch the walls.

A photo posted by Daniel Paré (@mrdanielpare) on

New & Noteworthy

Check out how these kids transformed ordinary things into interactive objects…
Waste Whirler by H3ry is a sound-activated buddy with glowing eyes.  It will drop your waste in the trash can for you.  He made it with a sound trigger, servo motor and accessories from the Rule Your Room Kit.

The Light Up Hat – Story of Bits by Edona Bejtullahu and members of the Bonevet Chapter, Gjakova, Kosovo.  “One day some Bits decided to gather in an orange hat because they wanted to make it feel special. They made it shine as never before.” Awww!

Bookmark Dispenser. Mrs. King and students from Kirby’s Mill School Chapter, Medford, NJ made this chain reaction contraption to hand out new bookmarks in the library.  What will they think of next?

Have a super week, everybody.  Keep inventing! 🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager


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