Community News: Edible dragon poop?!

By Adam Skobodzinski

Kickstart your week with a timely collection of awesome creations from inventors like you. This week’s edition features Halloween inventions and a dragon that poops candy. Yes, really!

Community Hall of Fame

After brainstorming ideas with her kids, Michaellla built Dragon Party Boat, an animatronic mashup of two Gizmos & Gadgets Kits and a Bare Conductive Touch Board.  Inside is a remote-controlled Bitbot, with one servo to open its mouth and another to dispense sweets off the poop deck.  She even set up a DC motor to shoot marshmallows from a LEGO canon!  Let’s watch Nehan and Tarek play with it:


New & Spooktacular

The Halloween season is a great time to wow your friends with homemade interactive gadgets and electronic costumes.  Here are some new and spooktacular inventions to get you inspired:


Girls Rock Electronics at BONEVET

“This is a littleBits project made by fashionable girls that love electronics.  The skirt is not only beautiful, but it makes you feel special because while moving the lights will turn on.”


Doomed Doorbell by August Deshais

“Show your #Halloween trick or treating visitors you mean spooky business with this wall-mounted, lighted, moving, sound-making doorbell! Check out this video to see the finished project in action.”


George the Gentle Ghost by Cara Larsen

“This friendly ghost isn’t scary at all; in fact, he’s afraid of the dark! Touch his hand and he waves hello. Put him in the dark to see his LED heartbeat.”

George the gentle ghost

Hack Halloween is Back!

Calling all zombies, witches, phantoms, and mad scientists! Use your Bits to invent a costume, prank, or creepy invention, then create a scary movie featuring your masterpiece. Three winners will receive up to $200 in Bits.  Don’t delay. Take the challenge now.

Looking for more spooky inspiration?  Check out 5 Ways to hack your Halloween with littleBits  by Arjun Srivatsa, our littleBits content producer.


Ciao for now, Bitsters.  Have a spooktacular week! 🙂


— Jude Brisson

Online Community Manager



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