Community News: Feed the cat & forget me not

By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of inventions by Bitsters like you. This week’s edition features an automatic pet feeder and illuminating inventions.

Community Hall of Fame

Smart Automatic Pet Feeder is by François-Xavier Cuissot from Lausanne, Switzerland “Have you got a cat ? Does it meow at 5am every mornings ? Mine does!  I love my cat, Sun, but its every morning complaining about its favorite food is a bit ‘overwhelming’ over time… How could Sun and I be satisfied, I mean by sleeping for my side and by eating and then sleeping for its side ? … So, I decided to build my own Smart Pet Feeder based on IFTTT and littleBits for the ‘technical’ side and with some recycled stuff I found at home; such as a cardboard box, a box of country pâté, a Pringles can, … Finally, you know what ? Since I build it and it runs automatically at 5am every day, when I wake up at around 7am I find my lovely Sun deeply sleeping ! Win/win situation 🙂 ”


Create an Illuminating Invention

Illuminate your world using Bits! The invention of electric light was a game-changer for all human (and non-human!) kind. In this challenge, we want you to harness the all-powerful LED to build your own glowing invention. You can create…

  • a secret flashlight for late-night reading
  • a hat that lights the way on your next adventure
  • a lantern to decorate a party
  • a machine that makes light dance
  • a bioluminescent animal

To keep this glowing goodness flowing, we’ve extended the challenge deadline until March 31 at 11:59 pm ET. Remember: you can submit as many inventions as you’d like and edit any submission up until the deadline.

Use your inventor imagination to brighten up any dark situation. Take the challenge here.

New & Noteworthy

Check out these Illuminating Inventions by Bitsters like you.

Jokester Robot by WilliamSamAndMom  “This robot likes to pull pranks and tell jokes. He asks you to shake his hand, and then he buzzes you with his hand buzzer (littleBits vibration motor). What a goofy robot! To further express his jovial personality, he has a ‘HA HA!’ sign on his belly made from a littleBits lightwire. His arms move, and he drives around, and he has an LED antenna. ”


Forget Me Not! by MusicGirlLC  “Let’s face it- we’ve all had those moments where we’ve forgotten something really important. Even though we write ourselves notes, set reminders on our phones, and ask other people to remind us, we can never really trust that will work… My newest littleBits invention for the Illuminating Invention challenge will fix all of that. Put the Forget Me Not right next to your door. Step on the Pressure Sensor and see what happens!”

Holographical Cup is by yogasnaredrummer, who uses the Bluetooth Low Energy Bits and custom controls on the littleBits app to change the brightness of a bargraph and the speed of a fan.  The result is the illusion of a glowing cup.  Let’s watch:



Ciao for now, Bitsters. Keep inventing awesome stuff like only you can!

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager


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