Community News: Get on the birthday train!

By Adam Skobodzinski

It’s time for your weekly collection of awesome inventions created by Bitsters like you. This week’s edition features birthday celebrations.

Community Hall of Fame

Check out the littleBits 5th Birthday “Party Train” by Etierne and the District 75 STEM team of the NYC Department of Education!  Ayah Bdeir is the engineer in the first of six party themed cars that each do something different.  There’s a BitGuy who tries to hit the piñata, a cake with a glowing flame, a puppy peeking out of a gift box, and so much more.  You really need to see it for yourself:


Happy Birthday, littleBits!

The Birthday Challenge has officially closed, and it was so much fun! While the judges deliberate, check out how Bitsters celebrate:

Garrett serves slushies to partygoers with his Musical remote controlled drink server bot.

littleBits Party Present by Janet Cape and students at the Westminster Choir College.  “Get ready to party!  This invention uses a single button and the sequencer to trigger different parts of a birthday celebration.”  Watch all the events unfold as the Music Ed students sing “Happy Birthday”:

5th Anniversary Celebration Kit by chapter members from Zurich, Switzerland. “To celebrate littleBits 5th birthday we created a special box, which plays happy birthday and opens at the end of the song. When the box is open, the light sensor switches the lights on to bring some party feeling.”

Remote Control Birthday Box

They even made an adorable blinking logo.

littleBits adorable logo


Happy birthday, Bitsters!   🙂

Jude Brisson

online community manager


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