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By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of inventions by Bitsters like you. This week’s edition features a littleBits music video and some major Piggy Power.

Community Hall of Fame

Sing: Piggy Power by husband and wife, Mitchell and Karla Malpartida.  The inventive duo teamed up to recreate Gunter’s breakout scene in the movie “Sing”.  Gunter is a singing, dancing pig who takes the stage by storm.  After Kara sculpted, baked and painted Gunter, Mitchell got to work building with Lego. “The turning mechanism would need to be controlled by the dc motor Bit. Next I built the stage and rest of the circuit trying to emulate stage lights in front and behind Gunter.”  Let’s watch…

Create an Illuminating Invention

Illuminate your world using Bits! The invention of electric light was a game-changer for all human (and non-human!) kind. In this challenge, we want you to harness the all-powerful LED to build your own glowing invention. You can create…

  • a secret flashlight for late-night reading
  • a hat that lights the way on your next adventure
  • a lantern to decorate a party a machine that makes light dance
  • a bioluminescent animal

Use your inventor imagination to brighten up any dark situation. Take the challenge here.

New & Noteworthy

Check out how these families get inventive.

Creepy Teddy  With a little help from Dad and Mum, Toby transformed his teddy from ordinary to creepy. “I had placed the pressure sensor in the arm which is not moving. After turning the power switch on I can make the eyes light up and the arm move as I push on the sensor.”


littleBits Music Video by WilliamSamAndMom  “We created an animated scene to go along with one of our favorite songs, “I Can See Clearly Now,” by Johnny Nash. Its motion and lights have been timed to the song by programming two Arduino bits. Watch the video to see it in action, and stay tuned after the video to see a short funny clip of William and Sam testing the scene by controlling it manually with two wireless transmitter/receiver bits.”


Dulcineo, the Love Monster.  Benjamin, Belen, and Santiago made a heart beating puppet monster, that opens its mouth and roars.  It’s very sweet.

Ciao for now, Bitsters.  Have a lovely week!  🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager


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