Community News: Muggles exposed to the Magic of Invention!

By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of magical creations from inventors like you. This week’s edition features Harry Potter-inspired inventions that you won’t want to miss!

Community Hall of Fame

At this year’s annual family hackathon, the Longpre family made a fun and realistic Monster Book of Monsters.  It rolls around and snaps at any wizard or muggle who dares to approach. “We’ve decided to add a magic wand that will command the book with a twist of a hand, literally. The book is moving with two motors with wheels, the cover opens with the servo motor and all these Bits are connected to the wand by a homemade extension wire. The wand is essentially a battery with a tilt switch glued on a wristband.  To simplify the process of construction, we divided the group into smaller teams to work on the book’s cover, the mechanical parts and the wand. We also assigned someone on the photos and videos, to be sure every moment was documented.”  So cool! Let’s watch:


Magic of Invention Challenge

Break out your brooms and get ready for our most magical journey yet! This holiday season, may we present to you the Magic of Invention challenge.


We challenge you to use your inner magic to create a Harry Potter-inspired invention. You can…

  • Show us your best spell
  • Recreate your favorite scene
  • Build a magical animatronic creature
  • Forge an enchanted tool

You could win up to $200 in Bits and magical swag – there will be 8 winners total! Take the Challenge.

New Magical Inventions

Not sure what to make?  Check out these new magical inventions.

Eat slugs! by Maccast will leave you transfixed and revolted at the same time.  “In the movie and books Ron Weasley attempts to place the curse ‘Slugulus Eructo’ on Draco Malfoy after he insults Hermione Granger. Of course, being Ron, the spell backfires and causes Ron to immediately begin vomiting giant slugs. This project uses a simple littleBits circuit combined with a Lego paper slug feeder and foam core mounted cutout of Ron to recreate the scene.”


MagicRadish29 made Ron’s Howler Envelope with a light sensor and buzzer. As soon as it opens, you will get an earful.

Animatronic Hedwig by Timothy High. “Bring Harry’s Hedwig to life with the help of littleBits!  Using a few littleBits components and some household tools, you can make the official Hedwig doll (from Harry Potter’s World in Universal Studios and elsewhere) move and light up.” Timothy uses two long led’s to light Hedwig’s eyes and a servo to control the back and forth motion of her head.


OK, Bitsters.  Now that you’ve been exposed to the Magic of Invention challenge, it’s your job to get inventing!  Multiple entries and friendly comments are strongly encouraged.  🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager


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