Community News: Say “Happy Birthday” with Bits

By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up every Monday to find a timely collection of awesome inventions from inventors like you. Read up on design challenges, events, and get to know littleBits inventors from all around the world.

Image of the Week

TicTec Image of the WeekHere we see Bitsters making Bubblebots at a TicTec chapter event in Puebla, Pue, Mexico. “TicTec is an educational organization intended to build learning through four basic steps: Knowing – Making – Interacting – Being.”  See more TicTec member inventions.

Community Hall of Fame

This week’s Community Hall of Fame pick is by Mya Berkey, whose Tech Table Tennis tied for first place in our BitOlympics Challenge. “This exciting electronic game of table tennis uses two servos for each racket – one to turn it side to side, and one to make it go up and down. Like real tennis, this game requires lots of practice. Also, like real tennis, once mastered it will be a blast!”  Let’s watch Mya and her brother play a round.


2016 BitOlympic Winners Announced!


There were SO MANY BitOlympic entries this year – over 170, and they are all super inventive!  Says one judge, “It’s fun to see how our community interpreted sports + games in such creative ways.”  Find out who tied with Mya Berkey for first place and who were the runners up and honorable mentions in the announcement of winners.

Take the Birthday Challenge!

The birthday inventions are rolling in. Check out how inventive Bitsters are celebrating littleBits’ birthday:

Party Cake by Trey_Austin2 is a spinning and singing birthday cake.  WOW!

littleBits Birthday Box by Isaac Urann and friends is “perfect for surprise parties! You mount the box on the door frame of the desired door and you let the box do the rest. When your desired guest enters the room it will automatically play the song of your choice or even a full playlist! Whatever your mind could imagine… So bring the littleBits party box to your next occasion!”  Check out their commercial:

Birthday Wall by Nack_Yang is “a wall that says happy birthday in lights while you sing.”  happy birthday wall

To enter the Birthday Challenge, create and upload an invention by Oct 4, 2016 that will help celebrate littleBits turning 5.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Fan Art

Murphy is a little Green Alien with a big curious eye and passion for technology.  Jack Mortara from Genova, Italy animated Murphy to introduce School of Robotics students to littleBits.

Getting fan art from you always makes our day!  Keep it coming, and we’ll keep sharing it with the world.  Tag all your littleBits ideas on social media with #littleBits.  Remember to upload your inventions to!


That’s all for today, Bitsters!  Have a super week, and keep inventing!  🙂

Jude Brisson

online community manager


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