Community News: Who will win the Magic of Invention Challenge?

By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up Mondays to find a timely collection of inventions from Bitsters like you.  This week’s edition features a ferocious MonsterBox and Harry Potter-inspired creations.

Community Hall of Fame

Harry Potter MonsterBox is by Santiago, a member of the KidsInventors Chapter based out of Lima, Peru.Harry Potter MonsterBox

Santi made his MonsterBook with a pressure sensor for a tongue, two DC motors and a servo. When you press on its tongue, it rolls forward and tries to BITE you! Inside is a latch Bit, which turns the pressure sensor into an on-off switch. To make MonsterBook stop, just press its tongue again. Let’s watch it try to bite Santi.


Magic of Invention Challenge

Oh, you haven’t heard?  The last day to enter the Magic of Invention challenge is January 5, 2017 Sunday January 8, 2017, Midnight EST!


We challenge you to use your inner magic to create a Harry Potter-inspired invention. You can…

  • Show us your best spell
  • Recreate your favorite scene
  • Build a magical animatronic creature
  • Forge an enchanted tool

You could win up to $200 in Bits and magical swag – there will be 8 winners total! Take the Challenge.

New & Noteworthy Inventions

These Bitsters made magical inventions, and so can you!

Hedwig’s Delivery by yogasnaredrummer.  With a flick of the wand (AKA your smartphone), have Hedwig the owl deliver a scroll to a student at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter flying car  JTennis, the father and son inventing duo from Kansas City, made an enchanted remote control car that plays music as it flies around.

Harry Potter Light Up Wand by #dragonmaster.  When you say the magic word “lumos” or make any sound at all, it lights up!

Welcome to 2017, Bitster.  I hope your holidays were restful.  Now let’s get inventing! 🙂

Jude Brisson
Online Community Manager


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