Community Newsletter: BitOlympics Showcase Edition

By Ted Parsons

The BitOlympians – and all of us at littleBits HQ in NYC – are feeling the heat this week, with temperatures pushing 100 degrees, and our BitOlympians pushing the limits of inventing as they strive for the gold medal. While our amazing Online Community Manager Jude is on vacation, our Guest Author and Customer Success Agent Ted is stepping in to give you the details.


Several young Bitsters showed off their inventions during this summer’s STEM in the City program. littleBits worked with the New York City Department of Education to bring Bits and invention-based learning to over 2,100 students.

Community Hall of Fame

Light it UP! This invention not only warms our hearts, but it fuels the flame for our #BitOlympics Challenge. Watch as jonny6, aka Jonathan and Dan, bring the torch with their own opening ceremony!

Torch by Rayan


The BitOlympic torch is ablaze with competition. Woohoo! Check out this bright torch (above) from Inventabit – a littleBits chapter based in Beirut. Thanks Rayan for submitting the invention! It’s a great remix of David Saunders’ Olympic torch that you can see here.

Want to become a BitOlympian and enter to win $1,000 worth of Bits? Get in the game! There are 21 days left.


Robot Bicycle Jousting is definitely a big deal in Valencia, Spain. Curiosibot has captured fantastic footage below of this new #BitOlympics event. Watch as these robot warriors go to battle!


Playing tennis with littleBits? Yes! Anything is possible in the #BitOlympics. Check out this inspirational entry by Rambo 2.


How about some racing? You’ll find it in this #BitOlympics entry, named Keirin Eyes, by the DSTL Chapter. They even created their own part to help keep an eye on the bicyclist and count their laps.


Get on up, it’s bobsled time! Hoboken Charter School has some great inventions up their sleeve for #BitOlympics. Using the Makey Makey Bit for timings is a brilliant touch. Nice job Alex.

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Want to see more inventions? Check out the current featured inventions and then venture on to explore all 3,000+ that we have online. If you want to flex your brain muscle even further, scroll through some challenges and take our featured challenge: #BitOlympics. Happy inventing!

– By Ted Parsons

customer success agent


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