Community Newsletter: Keep Calm and Love littleBits

By David Saunders


Bitsters from the NYC Summer in the City STEM program created a nifty new motto for their group!

Community Hall of Fame Project

For a summer project, inventor extraordinaire Anahit decided to create a type of dot matrix printer using a marker, the Arduino Bit, a few stepper motors, and a whole lot of ingenuity. Simply send some text from your computer and Dotty will print it out for you!


The creative fires are still burning bright in the #BitOlympics theater! With just over a week to go, we’re seeing some truly incredibly inventions being submitted each day. Want to become a BitOlympian and enter to win $1,000 worth of Bits? Get in the game!


Brain #BitOlympics from Yuziana and Carl Mangold: The current Olympics are all about physical strength, speed and agility. However, in this rapidly changing world, shouldn’t we also challenge the fitness of our brains?

Battle SumoBits from Little Oha Bitty Bytes: Sumo wrestling like you’ve never seen it before! 
Olympic Shooting by Sky Shin: Ready, aim, INVENT! 

Interested in checking out some more inventions? Head on over to our current featured inventions page and explore all 3,000+ that we have online. Don’t forget our monthly challenges! Happy inventing!


Mattia is a musician living in Boston, MA. He is intrigued by sounds, textures, and shapes. As such, he has begun implementing the littleBits Synth Kit into his live performances:

“It all starts by playing around with the synth to find interesting sounds that I believe I can use for performances. I then run my kit through Ableton Live, which I use to add effects, record and launch loops. My performances are a combination of me playing live as well as triggering sounds or loops programmed in advance. Since I’ve played in venues that also include visuals, filming the performances allows to catch all the aspects of the set.
[littleBits] opened the door to the world of live performance, which was something I had never done before. littleBits is the perfect creative tool small enough to be carried around and it’s great for real time tweaking while also keeping a great sound quality.”

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Have a wonderful week, Bitsters! We can’t wait to see what you invent next! 🙂

David Saunders

community team



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