Community Newsletter: Rule Your Room Edition

By Adam Skobodzinski

Catch up here to find a timely collection of awesome inventions by Bitsters like you.  Read up on challenges, events, and get to know littleBits inventors from all around the world. This week’s edition is dedicated to our newest kit, the Rule Your Room Kit (check it out here)! It’s packed with Bits and inspiration to take control of your room and keep brothers, sisters, moms, and intruders OUT, with inventions like the Burglar Buzzer and Top-Secret Safe.

Chennai Chapter

“Greetings from Chennai, India!”  Pictured above: the Makerdemy Chennai chapter hosted a workshop at the NPS International School for teachers to explore littleBits and its uses in the classroom.  Visit to find an upcoming event near you.

Community Hall of Fame

According to Vedant Desai, his Light Saver, a Rule Your Room Kit Invention is “guaranteed to save you energy™.”  Vedant connected the light switch in his room to the Makey Makey Bit with alligator clips and aluminum foil.  When the light switch is turned on, a monster face glows and a servo motor blocks the door with a sign that reminds him to “Turn the lights off.”  Let’s watch Vedant demonstrate.

More Rule Your Room Kit Inventions

Still curious about how the Rule Your Room Kit works?  Let’s check out a couple more inventions that use Bits and accessories from this new kit.

Quizbits by Anoushka Banerjee.  “Using a pencil and Makey-Makey Bit, you can transform plain index cards into buzzing game pieces.”  Anoushka penciled a conductive pathway on the back of an index card from the question to the correct answer.  With one alligator clip connected to the question, see what happens when players correctly connect the second alligator clip:


Crate-O-Matic by Mya Berkey is a new way to let your dog out of its cage.  Mya taped one strip of aluminum foil to the back of her door and another piece of foil to the doorstop and connected them each to the Makey Makey Bit with alligator clips.  When she opens the door, the two pieces make contact, closing the circuit, and the servo motor is triggered to take a nail out of the crate.  Bingo!  Fido is free to roam all around home.


Meet the Inventor: Katherine Donaldson


Pictured above: Katherine Donaldson with husband Jesse and daughters, Penelope and Rebecca.

The Donaldson family were winners of the #ChainReaction challenge with their Umbrella Opener.  We took a moment to get to know Katherine and her family of “curious, problem driven, silly, makers.”  What was your littleBits “a-ha!” moment? The moment you were bitten by the littleBits bug.  “Probably when I was working on the Rube Goldberg challenge, that was the first time I tried to solve a non-trivial problem with littleBits. Some parts were very easy, and some parts were very challenging. It was fun to swap Bits around to get different behaviors, but it was a real challenge to get Bits to affect the real world in a meaningful way. But that challenge is often the fun part.”

Katherine and her girls recently invented Invisible Maze, an Arduino game of mazes.  Traverse through mazes with a pencil that is attached to dimmers by craft stick linkages, as the buzzer and bargraph help you navigate.  “As you get close to a wall the bargraph will go from low to high, until when it goes red and your pencil has entered a wall the buzzer will go off.  Oh no!”  Let’s watch their Invisible Maze of Amazingness in action.

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ICYMI: July Community Call

In case you missed it,  you can still watch the July Community Call.  Co-hosts Adriana Young and David Saunders chatted with Author and Game Designer Greg Trefry about engaging games and playful experiences.


That’s all for today, Bitsters!  Have fun ruling your room.  🙂

Jude Brisson

online community manager



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