Community Spotlight: Hitoshi Takagaki

By Emily Tuteur



Meet Hitoshi, our Community Pro from Japan. He is the inventor of numerous littleBits + Lego sound machines, and is a whiz with mechanical musical interfaces. Click here to check out his profile.


We asked Hitoshi to answer a few questions about his work and some of his favorite projects.


What is you background as a maker?
I am an embedded software engineer. I design, development, and test systems. Working with systems requires both software and hardware. I need hardware that is easily assembled, so the combination of LEGO and littleBits works very well for me.


How did you hear about littleBits?
I learned about littleBits on the KORG website in Japan.


Describe littleBits in your own 3 words:
Simple, Smart, Speedy (to use)


What is the inspiration behind your littleBits projects?
I like music, but I can not play music (piano, guitar…). I wanted a new interface where I could assemble musical sounds using blocks!


What advice can you give people who are creating with littleBits?

Don’t think, feel!


Can you give us a list of 4 of your favorite littleBits projects (2 of yours and 2 community) and tell us why you like them?
1. Littlebits Line Follower (Yoobin’s Family 2013)
littleBits only, no programming, no software!



2. Littlebits Arduino PWM without filter
I think Arduino will extend the littleBits world.


3. SoundMachine
Everything started from here.



4. Kalimba
I can also play music!

large_Kalimba large_3


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