1. 25 ‘Minecraft’ Creations That Will Blow Your Flippin’ Mind


We love this imaginative building game. In our opinion, anyone who builds a structure that can withstand the attack of the nocturnal monsters is impressive – building a structure that’s stable and looks like King’s Landing blows our flippin’ minds.

2. Di Mainstone’s Human Harp

Di Mainstone has created the Human Harp, a parasitic instrument that attaches to the bridge via a user wearing a body holster. The holster has custom made modules with digital sensors that detect and measure the vibration of the Brooklyn Bridge’s suspension cables. The sound is harvested and allows people to remix it.

We love sensors — and anything modular, and we applaud Mainstone’s  “architecture converging with the body.”

3. The Mighty Lipbalm Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator

Matt Peick created a small linear actuator using a Blistex lip balm tube! Check out his creative work here.

4. Amusement Park Physics

Amusement Park Physics

Annenberg Learner created an excellent lesson on Amusement Park Physics. We highly recommend sharing this with the little scientists in your life.

5. FABtotum

FABtotum is a maker’s dream! It’ s a 3D Printer, Scanner, Cutter, Miller and Engraver all-in-one. Unfortunately, this machine is still a dream but we are hopeful that the $50,000 raised on Indiegogo will make this a reality!


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