Education: CAA STEAM Donation

By Erin Mulcahy

The holiday was made a little brighter this year for 50 in-need schools and organizations who received a mysterious package at their doorsteps. Thanks to the generosity of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Foundation, we were able to supply these classrooms with a library of littleBits. To top if off, the CAA Foundation created this adorable video highlighting STEAM and littleBits. We are so honored to be part of this amazing gift of making and innovation.

When the unsuspecting educators received the large box of six Classroom Sets, the responses began to pour in through email and social media. Shock, gratitude and tears of happiness were common responses. Here are some of our favorite notes:

Christine Cheshire writes, “After reading the enclosed invoice and gift letter, I literally got goose bumps and began to cry. What an incredible gift for the students of Middleton-Burney! The children deserve every opportunity and littleBits and the CAA Foundation have provided them with a remarkable chance to grow as artists, inventors, students and, most importantly, individuals who will develop an understanding of the world around them and the importance of giving back!”

The sentiment was similar from Frances Amato, a physical learning disability teacher, who emailed us: “Thank you so much. It has been amazing. I can’t even tell you when I opened the box, I started crying because now I have a real chance to make a big difference and help students learn, grow and become inspired.”

So far, the gifts have spurred ideas for new lessons, projects and school wide STEAM days. We’ll be following up with the 50 organizations over the year to see what the teachers and students dream up.

Thank you CAA Foundation for helping us move full STEAM ahead into 2014!

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