Education: Career Exploration with Skype in the Classroom

By Erin Mulcahy

engineer lab

In this month’s lesson “How We Work: Career Explorations in Engineering,” we connected Ms. Thompson’s classroom at Evans Elementary in Alabama with Kristin and Ed, from the littleBits engineering team. Students crafted their own questions to understand what it’s like to be an electronics engineer, with topics ranging from product design, course advise, favorite projects and team collaboration.

Click the image below to see the recording of the session; we hope it inspires you to explore engineering careers and littleBits with your students!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.12.26 PM

Thanks Kristin, Ed and Ms. Thompson for a great session! We especially loved the thank you note from the students!

Stay tuned for new lessons happening every month on Skype in the Classroom. Next up: Space Experiments with NASA!


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