Education Case Study: littleBits 1:1

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littleBits 1:1
Marymount School of New York MARYMOUNT SCHOOL OF NEW YORK
3rd – 5th Grades

Concepcion Alvar, Headmistress
Jane Bell, Head of the Lower Middle School
Lesa Wang, Art Teacher/STEAM

Marymount is an innovative, all-girls independent school in Manhattan that has been at the forefront of integrating maker education into the curriculum for students at all levels. Marymount was already using littleBits as a tool in their makerspace and has had great success with an “Invention Convention” featuring littleBits. Groups of Lower School students designed their own products and created commercials to market their unique inventions. In order to take their students’ technology literacy to the next level, the faculty and administrators decided they wanted each student to have their own “mobile makerspace” to be able to invent with littleBits across classes and subjects, both inside and outside of school.



Launching in September 2015, the Marymount 1:1 program will dedicate at least 90 minutes a week of class time to using the Bits in an interdisciplinary way, based on the themes in the curriculum at each level. In 3rd grade, they plan to focus on basic circuitry in their projects; in 4th grade, on the logic Bits and the beginnings of coding; and in 5th grade on programming. Marymount has designated four teachers across subjects as the STEAM Team, and these educators will mentor colleagues as they nurture creativity and critical thinking using the Bits as an instructional tool. All Lower Middle School teachers will participate in littleBits training workshops, before the fall roll-out and again in the spring to enhance and expand their skill set. A culture of innovation is woven throughout the Marymount community; even the parents will engage in littleBits design challenges during the upcoming Curriculum Night.


With the littleBits 1:1 program, every student gets their own mobile makerspace to use across subjects in and outside school.


• 1 Student Set or Custom Kit Configuration per student (with portable storage solutions)
• 1 Invention Lab Bundle
• 1 PD seat per participating teacher
• Implementation planning and support


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