Education Project: Make Something the Conserves Something

By admin

October is Energy Awareness Month! We use energy everyday, in a million different ways. From the light you turn on in the morning, to the gas that is poured into the family car, to the computer you type on in class, to the stove you use to cook food at night. As important as energy is, we often use too much and the impacts of our consumption have negative impacts on our planet. It’s time to think smart about energy and start making sustainable choices.

This month we challenge you and your students to harness your inner inventor and meet our littleBits Energy Design Challenge: How can you use littleBits to bring awareness to everyday energy consumption?

We’ve created three examples to help inspire you, and you can find the full lesson plan and project instructions here.

DISCLAIMER: Never put Bits in contact with an electrical outlet! Adult supervision required.


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