Educator Spotlight: Marcus Duvoisin, Digital Media Academy

By Adam Skobodzinski

Our educator spotlight this week shines on Marcus Duvoisin, Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Digital Media Academy. The Digital Media Academy (DMA) is a world class tech camp that gives its students the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of digital media topics. From photography to filmmaking, programming to robotics, DMA’s #1 priority is the growth of the student as a maker, creator, innovator, and person who is fully equipped to handle any challenge that may come as our world adapts and changes to new technology. Read more about Marcus’s passion for education and new found love for littleBits below.

Tell us about your current teaching experience.

I’ve taught courses at DMA’s Stanford University location for the last six camp seasons, and can proudly say that, “Summer camp is my middle name.” I have a genuine passion for the education and character development of children. As Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction, I make sure that DMA’s Adventures program courses are staffed with remarkable teachers and designed to have a positive impact on our students. I also helped develop the Engineering and Rocket Science course which features littleBits projects!

How did you discover littleBits? What drew you to our product/company?

We were looking for a fun way to introduce electrical engineering to kids, and littleBits knocked it out of the park!

How do you use littleBits as a 21st century STEM/STEAM teaching and learning tool?

Letting them to get their hands dirty first by building, and then pulling the curtain back and showing them the logic behind how the circuits work.


What is your favorite littleBits project?

The World Lift Game, which uses 2 pressure sensors to stabilize a ball between two height constraints, is a great project because the end result has kids interacting with what they just built.

Describe littleBits in your own 3 words:

Unleashing Engineering Freedom!

If you could challenge your students to make anything with any amount of littleBits, what would you have them create?

Their own inventors workshop/classroom.


What advice can you offer teachers who are new to littleBits?

Make sure to reveal the why! Build, build, build! And then take it apart and understand why it functions.


How can we find out more about the Digital Media Academy and the Adventures in Engineering and Rocket Science Camp Program?

Visit DMA to find out the latest information on our course offerings and locations.
The Adventures in Engineering and Rocket Science camp is a 1 week program for campers ages 8-12. It is hosted throughout the summer at 10 college campuses including Harvard, Stanford, UMichigan and McGill. Using both computer programs and hands-on experiments, children learn about a wide range of STEM subjects, including electrical engineering, structural design and space flight. You can see the full course overview here. At the end of each day, students reflect on what they know and what they would like to learn as a way to close out the day and look forward to tomorrow. By Thursday, campers build a challenge to address the engineering topics they have covered. At the end of the course, campers can chose a focal subject to complete a “super challenge” and present their work. It’s a fun week filled with lots of learning!
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Thanks Marcus for sharing, we can’t wait to see how the summer adventure program goes!  Signs up are still available, but filling up fast. Visit DMA to register now.


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