Educator Spotlight: Monika Wuhrer

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Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 12.41.05 PMMonika Wuhrer lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three sons. The family owns and operates the Open Source Gallery in their South Slope neighborhood where they have lived for 13 years.

At the galley, “everyone can join, there’s no barrier.” That’s Monika’s philosophy. She founded the Gallery to create a gathering place for those in her neighborhood. Inspired by the opensource movement, she has made it her mission to contribute to opensource through inclusive art exhibits, workshops and an after school program.

Her first  Soap Box  summer workshop launched five years ago. During the workshops, the children create soap box cars using found materials. Over time, the workshop has garnered a large attendance and a great deal of press. Two years ago, Monika decided to keep the momentum going and launched an after school program called Koko.

Koko offers a variety of programs, one of which is bitBots. During the BITBOTS workshop, students make creations out of craft and art material and bring them to life with littleBits. Their final project is a stop-motion film of the creation. “I find [littleBits] a very inspiring tool. It’s easy to play with them,” Monika said. “We always use found materials with them and I love the combination of high and low tech.”

To learn more about Monika and the Open Source Gallery, visit the website.



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