Educator Spotlight: Syracuse University’s iSchool

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Julie Walas leads undergraduate recruitment at Syracuse University’s iSchool campus. To engage teens in the community and encourage their development of technical skills, she organizes several events throughout the year. These events include the Central NY Aspirations in Computing Awards. The Awards recognize young women in high school who have achieved computing-related achievements. In preparation for this year’s awards, Julie was searching for a prize to give the winners and discovered littleBits. Once she saw how much the high schoolers enjoyed using them, she decided to add them to her other STEM events.

This summer, Julie worked with Hailey Temple, a junior at Syracuse University, to present a class for middle schoolers at Science Horizons on Informatics. During the session, the children worked together to build a lighthouse and a rocket ship.





At the end, they documented their projects via Vine and Instagram. You can see their rocket ship project here. To read more about the workshop, checkout this article on the Science Horizons blog and this article on the iSchool site.


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