Encouraging Future Engineers in Haiti

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The Good Shepherd Orphanage (GSO) is a non-profit based in Haiti that is home to 35 orphaned children, ranging in age from 6 to 20 years old. After noticing that many of the kids have an interest in electronic and computers, GSO reached out to littleBits for support in bringing littleBits to Haiti.


Donated littleBits kits were hand carried by a board member to the orphanage in Haiti a few days before Christmas. Since then, the children have spent countless hours playing and learning how to build circuits.



“This is exactly the intellectual stimulation they need outside of school,” says Ryan Copple, GSO Treasurer. “It’s fun projects like this that inspire children to dream of their future careers. I believe LaRonde, the boy in the orange T-shirt, is an engineer in the making.”





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