Engadget: littleBits’ latest module lets you connect your creations to the internet

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Engadget reported on the launch of the cloudBit and the Cloud Starter Bundle:

“The magnetic, interconnecting circuit boards that make up LittleBits’ library of electronic modules make it easy to build all sorts of neat (and noisy) devices with almost no technical knowledge at all — but if you want to create something that connects to the cloud, you’re out of luck. Well, you were: today littleBits is announcing the cloudBit, a new module that, as company CEO and founder Ayah Bdeir puts it, allows builders to “just add internet” to almost anything. Bdeir tells me that it’s gives the average person an easy and open way to contribute to the Internet of Things without wasting time prototyping devices from scratch.”

“In addition to launching the $59 cloudBit module, the company says that its products will be hitting retail for the first time this fall, and will be available at 2,000 Radio Shack locations by the end of the year.”

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