Engaging STEM activities to try with your kid this summer

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We’re gearing up for some good times this summer, and this season wouldn’t be complete without fun, adventures, and relaxation. So, why not make that fun equally enriching and packed with skill-sharpening STEM activities?

Try out some of these experiments and inventions with your future scientist and have a blast in the process. Plus, your kids won’t even feel like they’re learning!

1. Explore the outdoors. Whether your neighborhood is urban or rural, there’s a bunch of nature to explore. You could invent a fan for your next hike to keep you cool. And the learning doesn’t stop! From bugs and leaves to flowers and weather, there’s so much to learn in nature and life sciences.

2. Dive into the science of cooking. Create your own ice cream, learn the chemistry behind baking, or even play with your food and Makey Makey! You can also test out these STEM and food experiments at home.

3. Gaze at the stars. STEM isn’t just for the daytime. Plan a mini star-watching party – roast marshmallows and study the star constellations. This is also a perfect time to learn about lunar cycles, comets, and even the mythology behind constellation names!

4. Grow a garden. Give your child in-depth knowledge on all things green-related. They can gain major knowledge on flowers and plants. Plus, they’ll learn about common foods they eat and learn about the growth cycle in foods like cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes, and more.

5. Get coding. The summer is a perfect time to learn (or brush up on) a new skill. Coding is accessible to all kids and is a skill any child can build. It’s also a great summer activity that works rain or shine.

6. Add STEM to your summer holidays. Going on a summer vay-cay? There’s lots of STEM activities you can do on car road trips, camping, or at a hotel. Or, get totally thematic with Fourth of July inventions – like cooling hats for hot days, a firework display, or a Bitifed camp fire.

7. Study architecture. Does your child have a favorite building in your town or city? Or, does he or she like a famous monument such as the Eiffel Tower? Learn about how it’s built and why – and if possible, visit the building or site itself. This awesome STEM picture book is a great launch point for kids interested in building.

Looking for more ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for STEM summer fun.

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