Exclusive: New Droids enter the Star Wars galaxy

By sarah

Younglings in NYC created Droids here on the set of Good Morning America!

Phew! The past few weeks have been out of this world. We launched the Droid Inventor Kit, hosted Droid Inventor workshops across the globe, and watched girls and boys everywhere hone their STEM/STEAM skills as they challenged themselves to create innovative new Droids.

Check out some of the highlights!

Ayah, our CEO & founder, delivers a cup of water to her friend BB-8 with a Delivery Droid.

These teeny tiny inventors are trying their hand at controlling a Droid.


We proved everyone can be an inventor at John Lewis in London – including bunnies!

Droid Inventors rolled up their sleeves at KORG in Japan.

Know someone who would make a great Droid Inventor? Get them the Droid Inventor Kit and give them the tools to create the next generation of Droids.

Sarah Woodard


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